Welcome to the Centre for Static Electricity and Lightning Protection (CSELP), proud presenters of the:

Static Electricity &

Lightning Protection in Hazardous Areas Conference


It's Time to Face the Facts

The Shocking Truth

* 2 Serious fires occur within hazardous areas across the world every day due to static electricity

* 5 people die in Australia every year on average due to lightning strikes

* 70% of all static electricity related serious fires and or explosions in hazardous areas are caused by inadequate and or inappropriate earthing and or bonding.


Jason Wigg

Director, E-x Solutions, AUS

Jason is a committee member of the Centre for Static Electricity & Lightning Protection CSELP. As well as a member of standards committee EL14 and IEC committee.


E-x Solutions are experts in hazardous area electrical standards and classification of  hazardous areas.

David Colasante

Director, HAZCOL, AUS

David is the current chairman of Hazardous Area Electrical Compliance Association HAECA.


HAZCOL specialise in hazardous area electrical installations and specification for static electricity and lightning protection systems.

Cem Novella

Chairman CSELP, Director SEC, LPEPC,AUS

Cem is the current chairmain of the Centre for Static Electricity and Lightning Protection CSELP. Cem is an advisor to numerous Australian Standards committees.


SEC are industry leaders in audits, survey, design and procurement of static electricity control, lightning, cathodic and surge protection equipment and systems 

Michael Jakins

Newson Gale Ltd,SEA and Oceania

Michael Jakins has been a longstanding committee member of the Centre for Static Electricity & Lightning Protection CSELP


Newson Gale specialise in IECEx certified bonding and earthing systems for static electricity control 

Kris Lawry

AS Harrison & Co,Market Manager, AUS & NZ

Kris has been a member of the Centre for Static Electricity & Lightning Protection since its inception.


Kris is a member of numerous Engineering Associations as well as being a chartered engineer.


 AS Harrison & Co specialise in additives to assist in reducing static electricity within process 



Day One



Eleni Colasante

Registration, Tea & Coffee


Cem Novella

Introduction CSELP & Register of Static Electricity & Lightning Events 2016/2020


Jason Wigg

Relevant Standards - AS/1020, AS/1768, 60079-32-1, 80079-32-1, AS/3000


Morning Tea



Key Note Speaker

Colin Baker

Training, Competency of an Electrician. Installation in a Hazardous Area


Cem Novella

Static Electricity Survey, Audit & Specification of electrical equipment in a hazardous area






Case Study 1: Static Electricity, Risk, Specification and Installation within a Major Hazard Facility


Afternoon Tea




Case Study 1: Static Electricity, Risk, Specification and Installation within Major Hazard Facility cont...


Cem Novella

Static Electricity Equipment Demonstration


Cem Novella

Q&A Panel of Presenters



Day 1 - Close of Conference



Dinner at the Venue - BBQ 

Benefits of attending

Who Should attend?

Amazing Value

  • Instrumentation and Control Engineers

  • Engineering Managers

  • Process Plant Engineers and Technicians

  • Plant Managers and Project Managers

  • Process Maintenance Technicians

  • Risk Assessors

  • Chemical, Process and Mechanical Engineers

  • Instrumentation Technicians

  • Design Engineers

  • Manufacturers of Hazardous Areas Equipment

  • Safety Facilitators

  • Electrical Technicians and Managers

  • Process Control Specialists

  • Process Safety and Loss Prevention Managers

  • Government Safety Regulators / Inspectors

  • OHS/Training Managers

  • Tradespersons working in potentially explosive areas

  • Electrical and Instrument Tradespersons

  • Hear about updates / proposed changes to IEC 60079-32-1/ ASNZS 1020 & AS/NZS 1768 and how they affect your workplace

  • Learn about static electricity control & lightning protection systems through case studies and critical discussion

  • Update your knowledge on static electricity control for process and machinery safety

  • Learn how to design and install static electricity control and lightning protection systems in hazardous areas

  • See how Australian and International standards are being successfully applied

  • Understand how AS/NZS 3000 & 60079 applies to Static Electricity and Lightning Protection Systems

  • Discuss critical issues of compliance to standards with experienced professionals

  • Find practical solutions to your static electricity and lightning protection issues

  • Network and share your experiences with static electricity control and lightning protection experts and your peers

Key Note speakers and presenters, including committee members of CSELP & HAECA support SELP 2o2o because it offers attendees an opportunity to talk to industry and subject matter experts for the modest cost of admission.


CSELP has purposely kept this cost as low as possible so that as many people as possible may enjoy the event.


Similar events have cost well in excess of $1500 per person.

This event is the only time that all presenters and key note speakers are in the same place at the same time. An amazing "cost effective" opportunity to ask questions or talk about your specific project


Key Note Speakers

Colin Baker


Colin is a practising professional chartered electrical, instrument and control engineer, Colin has been involved with surge protection, intrinsic safety and hazardous areas since 1970. He is qualified to:

  • classify hazardous areas

  • assess the suitability of certified electrical equipment for use in hazardous areas

  • assess electrical installations in hazardous areas for compliance

Colin is also an H Class licensed electrical inspector (Victoria) and an Accredited Hazardous Area Electrical Auditor (Queensland)  


At the 2017 Static Control Conference Colin was presented with a life time achievement award in recognition for his outstanding contribution and commitment to the static electricity industry.


Australian/New Zealand Standards committees:

  • MS-066 - hazardous area competencies

  • EL-014 - equipment in explosive atmospheres

  • MS-011 - classification of hazardous areas

Australian/New Zealand Standards sub-committees:

  • EL-014-4 - Intrinsic Safety (Ex i), Encapsulation (Ex m), Special Protection (Ex s) and equipment for use in combustible dusts

  • EL-14-08 – spray painting booths

  • ME-026-02 - industrial hazardous area trucks

  • EL-014-01 - fuel dispensing

  • EL-014-13 - Technical Advisory Group


Jim Doumis

jim doumis new profile picture.jpg

Jim has spent over 40 years in the hazardous area Petro Chemical Industry, working for 3 Major Multi National Organisations with facilities throughout Australia


Jim continues to consult in the Oil & Gas sector helping his clients better understand their compliance requirements and ongoing maintenance programs 


With significant industry experience in Instrumentation and  Electrical, Jim has been appointed to number of leadership positions including Maintenance Manager, Operations Manager and more recently  as a Special Projects Manager leading an upcoming 2020 turnaround.

Jim has a strong working knowledge of chemical processes, hardware and systems and a sound understanding of the regulatory environment together with an analytical and logical approach to identifying cause and providing solutions to problems for improved compliance, reliability and plant performance.

Steven Yan

Steven Yan.jpg

Steven Yan is an experienced sales development professional specializing in value creation and capture of technical engineering solutions within complex industrial and commercial projects. Steven has spent his professional career contributing to the sales and technical success of major electrical brands in the Australian electrical industry segment.

Currently Steven is specialized in the areas of lightning; surge and arc flash protection solutions and systems. Focusing on de-mystifying and educating the industry on standards and best practices in Australia and abroad, it is his passion to present engineering solutions based on sound scientific and engineering principles.


Steven holds a B.E (Electrical) and M.E (Biomedical) from UNSW.